The Gentleman of Finance

‘I will butcher you just as i have butchered your friends’.

Meet William Mulligan-hotshot banker, shrewd investor, ruthless businessman. A man driven solely by ambition, he is determined to chart a single-minded course up the ladder of corporate success. But is that all he is, or is he playing a deeper game? Why does he trust no one but his crew-Jimmy, Caesar, Dime and Garrett? And has he made a terrible mistake in going up against Antonio Ribera a.k.a. ’The Cuban’?

In this rip-roaring debut, Ayush Ansal takes you on a dizzying journey through a world of luxury, glamour and high-stakes finance. A grimy, gritty world of corporate espionage, the Cuban mafia and spine-chilling assassinations is created when greed and ambition collide violently with the forces of good.